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Finally after 6 months of hard work, the Live CAM at Bterram’s Kouzma & Doumianos Church is online. It was a joint effort of Bterram Association in Australia, Bterram Association in Montreal, and local Bterramians. This idea began in 2010 by Mr. Khalil Abboud, where he broadcasted the Madeeh and El Hajmeh on the Internet.  In 2011 – 2012, the Bterram Association in Montreal got involved and financed this project.  In Oct 2012 the Bterram Association in Montreal proposed a project to install a total of six IP CAMs, four at the Church, one at the Church Hall, and one at the Church Square, and link it to the WEB site www.BterramVillage.com This Project saw the Light due to the generous donations from Bterram Association in Australia (Salim Jabbour, Finance Coordinator),  Fouad Dib (Montreal), as a Project Manager, and Nicolas Dib (Bterram) as a Project Executor. They were able to find a Donator, design, plan, and execute the project within six months, despite the 1000 miles distance. The Live CAMs will be online for each and every Event at the Church. The events will be recorded and archived at www.bterramvillage.com starting May 1st 2013. 


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